Gentle with me please, I'm brand new to !!!

I have created a project with my forms & a little bit of validation logic, the basic skeleton of the project looks just fine.

The data that I have for the project is currently in 2 Excel spreadsheets, so I have created a database within my project (I chose a SQL option, even though I have only ever used Access in the past) & I now have Database1.sdf & MyFinancesDB.xsd in my Solution Explorer.

I have created 2 Tables, the same as the Spreadsheets & have created Columns as necessary, and also set up Primary keys in both Tables and linked the Primary key of the Parent Table to a keyed column in the Child Table ... I *think* I have done what I need to do.

Now, the big question (assuming I have set things up correctly !) is how do I import / load the data from the Excel spreadsheets into the SQL Tables ?!?

Thanks in advance, but please bear in mind that I am very new to this ...

I don't understand this ... does nobody know how to import data into a Database or does my question not make sense ?!?

I can understand that I have to write code to update my Database once the Application is up and running, but surely not for an initial load of data that already exists, just in a different environment ?!?

I understood that Visual Studio was interactive and was designed to help people to "quickly & easily" build Applications, surely a fundamental part of any Application is the setting up of the initial data ?!?!?

Can nobody here help :S ?!?!?