Hi all, I have created a Windows Forms application in Visual Studio.Net 2008. I have some group boxes on the form in order to section various controls on the page. At the bottom of my form is a group box containing a texbox used for display exception messages. I would like the user to be able to toggle the ability to hide/show this section of the form. Is there a control which allows the show/hide feature of a form?

Many thanks.

>How to hide sections of a windows form

Choose any container control (Panel, Groupbox, etc) and place other controls in it and set visible property of container control.

Hello, thanks for your advice. I had thought of this as a last resort, but when the panel dissapeared it would leave a blank space on the form. What i would like to is extend the form by clicking on an arrow (like on Vista when you browse for a folder when saving a file). I just thought that there might be a control for this.

OK an expander control in WPF is what i was after. Solved.