do you know any function or component that I need to use to make a smooth image rotation? (as smooth as windows image acquisition).
I am currently have a sub that enables me to rotate the image, it is okay with small image, but I am dealing with very intricate house plan.
By using my rotation sub, the rotated image is pixelated with lacks of details. I think I need to start thinking of something else.

By using the first of my friends (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) with a search of "vb6 rotate image" I found 2 decent links and one great link over to vbaccelerator... Which by the way uses GDI+ and a search of "vb6 GDI+" will result in a whole lot of useful information and even some specific information if you add the word tutorial...

Give it a try

Good Luck

Hi, I have been looking around for the gdiplus sample in the google.
But I have not found an example that I am looking for.

According to your experience,
is it possible to use gdi+ to rotate an image inside the picturebox, and save those image, in as simple as savepicture picture1.Picture, App.Path & "\result.jpg" ?

I have got the example of rotating the image (and indeed, it is very neat, thank you), but I lost way to export it into my picturebox.

thanks as always

so then you have seen this...


Also: The SavePicture function will only save the picture as a bmp. You will need to use your friends to search on vb6 save as jpg which will return results like these




Good Luck

I have got the hint of it. thanks a lot :)
with this, I can rest assure that I can finish up my program