I need a little advice on how best to read/recognize a number plate and for a program to recognise the digits of that number plate, which it will then run through a database. I have no problem with capturing an image from a live feed but i then need the program/coding/method how to pull out the number plate on the textbox and at the same time all the details of vehicle will appear on interface of the system in visual basic 6.0. I had used Halcon 7.0 to capture a video and microsoft access as a database.

you mean, you take a picture and your project collect the number from that picture. do you any idea how to make this or visual basic ? cause your this line confused me
>>i then need the program/coding/method how to pull out the number plate on the textbox

sound something like that....my project is number plate recognition system...i've got a problem to recognize the number plate from live image...do u get it friend?

With a search of one of my friends, the first one, (yahoo, google, ask, answers, bing) on vb6 license plate recognition you will find a couple of results on the first two pages of results. Then with a search with vb6 license plate ocr you will find more results on the first two pages.

Just a note for you, you may read a lot of stuff that you may think is not what you need but as you read, find the tools that they used. Like lead tools or omnipage. You also might want to search on ocr, ocr sdk, ocr software and so on.

Good Luck

tq...did you know how to connect ocr with visual basic 6?

Yes I do as a matter of fact and so will you if you purchase/download someones SDK that has visual basic 6.0 examples...

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There are literally hundreds of solutions (depending on the target country). I would try first


pros: It is open source
cons: it is written in Java

There are also shareware solutions


pros: It is shareware and implemented in .NET
cons: It is not free, only 90% accurate

And also high end solutions


pros: The best engine in the market. 99% accurate. Provides a .NET interface
cons: It is not inexpensive

thank you for ur help...really appreciate it

do you have any software which compatible with vb6?

Yes! Friends! Search! vb6...

Good Luck