Im Newbie in VB,
Need some help/advise here.

1)I dont know what different between Access Databass, SQL severdatabase, SQL server compact 3.5 in term in application? I just need a brief intruduction in when to use them(How to choose between them)

2)In My project, I use database to store userID&password. Since i need to do it locally,I use Access Data. I wonder, will my end-user PC need microsoft Access or Microsoft SQL server installed?(I do it in VB)

Provider=Microsoft.Jet.OLEDB.4.0;Data Source=|DataDirectory|\Userpass.mdb
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Welcome to the great world of Daniweb and VB.

Here is a brief description of DB's mentioned before:

Microsoft SQL Server: Large DBMS with lots of features, that is used in large applications.

Access: Its not considered to be a DBMS, it has some great-but not much-features.Used in small applications.

SQL Compact: Its a lighter version of SQL, that is used in the development of windows mobile applications

What about the end-user, if you use Access then it is not required to have Access installed. But in case of SQL, then its required.

Hope i helped. :)


Thans a lot^^
It's definitely help me^^ It make my head spinning to go through lengthly pages, to retrive simple info@@ Think I'll stick Access Database then.

Thanks again^^

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