I had a form (says form A)with control on it, 2 buttons with text "View Process Flow"(Button1) and "Manual trigger Process"(Button2). Both button will load and shows Form A in Panel1 in Form1, but button1 will let user to see the action but block them on clicking on it, button2 will let User see and clickon the control. Any ways to work around it?

In other software, I can use a transparency button or form block User by acess formA(so, they can see,but not click), But VB2008 transparentcy option kind of idiot(Or i dont know how to use it?)seem it just change the control back color to parent's backcolor(totaly useless, and the "tranparen key" as well)

I cant disable control cause it will stop the animation, only ways i can think off is add in a IF statement in every button, so it will do nothing when viewing = true.

Hope theres a easier way for doing it:) Please advise. Thanks in advance^^

Any ways to make a "hidden" button but still fuctionable?

Any ways to make a "hidden" button but still fuctionable?

This actually has a couple of pretty simple solutions; I figured them out by playing around in the properties window.

Try changing the button's "FlatStyle" to "Flat", and FlatAppearance.BorderColor to the background color of the form (default is System.Control). There are other colors in "FlatAppearance" you might want to replace too, but I'll let you play around with those.
That will make a button object appear "invisible", except the text inside. You could also clear the Text property out, of course.

Another way to do this is using a label with no border, AutoSize = False, and Text = "". Labels have an "OnClick" event that you could use just like a button's.
Personally, I find this easier, but messier; labels should be used for displaying, not as a substitute for button. I make the names of these labels have the button prefix just to clarify in-code what it is. ("btn-" instead of "lbl-")

Hope this helps!

The way that I do this is to make the button transparent.

When you are in Design View on the form, right click on the button that you want to hide. Then scroll down to and click on Properties.

When the Properties window opens, click on the All tab. Scroll down until you see the Property in the left hand column that reads: Transparent (this should be near the top of the other properties). Change the value of the Transparent property to YES.

Also, make sure that you delete the text property (aka Caption) of the control button - and remember to place it in a location that you will be able to find again; namely behind a logo (picture). If you would like to minimize the form, use the following code:

Private Sub [Enter Button Name Here] _Click()


End Sub

Save the form and switch back into Form View. If you relocated the control button behind a visible logo, and assign the code above to the button, your form will minimize when clicked (given that you have named it).

I use VB 2008 express edition, cant find "Make transparent" under button property@@