I have the following code that I would like to get working, but for some reason, it keeps giving me the wrong output, and I wonder if anyone on the list might be able to help me fix it.

Here is the code,

Sub submit(ByVal sender As Object, ByVal e As EventArgs)
        songNodesOut.Text = "" 

        Dim file As String = Context.Server.MapPath("music.xml")
        Dim document As XmlDocument = New XmlDocument()
        Dim songList As XmlNodeList
        songList = document.SelectNodes("/music_songs/song[category='Rock']")
        Dim count As Integer = songList.Count
        Dim page AS Decimal = songList.Count/10     
        Dim IntegerPart As Integer= Int(page) 
        Dim DecimalPart As Decimal = page - IntegerPart 
        Dim page_no As Integer
        Dim item_number_first As Integer
        Dim item_number_last As Integer
        Dim song As XmlNode   
        Dim d As Integer

        if(DecimalPart >0) Then
           page_no = 1

           if page_no = IntegerPart 
           item_number_first = (page_no-1)*10 + 1
           item_number_last = count
            For Each song In songList 
            For d=item_number_first to item_number_last
            songNodesOut.Text &= "<br /><b>ID:</b> " & d & "<br />"    
            Dim title As XmlNode = song.FirstChild
            songNodesOut.Text &= "<b>Title:</b> " & title.InnerText & "<br/>"
     Next d         
     end If
    End If

        mess.Text += "<p>You selected <b>" & drop1.SelectedItem.Text & " " & count & " items</b>. That is " & IntegerPart &  " pages</p>"
        mess.Text += "<br />Items for page " & page_no & " is: " & item_number_first & " to " & item_number_last & "<br />"
       <%--  page_no +=1  --%>                     
    End Sub

What this code is supposed to do, I am trying to achieve, is to change it so that I could use pagination with it. However, the problem with this code right now is that the ID's are generated, but iterates over the songs with duplicate entries, like:

1 Hello
2 Hello
1 Cool
2 Cool

Is it possible if I could have code above only get this to print out?

1 Hello
2 Cool

Thanks for your help. Anything is appreciated.

Looks like this has been solved in a jiffy, and I changed some of these lines to

if item_number_first <= d <= item_number_last
            For Each song In songList          
            songNodesOut.Text &= "<br /><b>ID:</b> " & d & "<br />"    
            Dim title As XmlNode = song.FirstChild
            songNodesOut.Text &= "<b>Title:</b> " & title.InnerText & "<br/>"

Looks like the if statement saved the day.