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It is important to mention here, that it is easy enough to use findwindow and setwindowtext to change the caption of the start button, but it is more important to mention, that it doesn't show up until you put your mouse over it (force it to animate [change to lighter green] in XP), and worse yet.... even after you change it, as soon as it's parent (Shell_TrayWnd) gets any kind of focus again, the first thing it will do is change the caption BACK to start. So, unless you plan to devour system resources by polling the start button's caption and changing it when it needs it.... you'll have to edit explorer.exe and change it in there. You can make it effective if you lock the taskbar, so that the Shell_TrayWnd isn't easily accessible with the mouse, but this will still cause some issues for you.


Hello friends,i want a know who to rename the start in windows through the Application developed by VB 6.0.If u know means pls help......

what do you mean rename the "Start" in Windows? Is it that you want to call it something else other than "Start" ?

Hmm, I never came across a situation where someone wanted to rename the "Start" menu...

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