i have create a database in sql , it is opened in my system, and i shared the database into another system,i was updating my datas from another system, form and database everything is working fine , but the problem is when i try to open the report it shows the "INVALID DATASOURCE" error, in datareport property window i have assigned the datasourse as dataenviroment 1, but still the problem is is in datasource .can please anyone help me to sort out this problem,


Okay, it sounds like you have designed a DR on one machine (Computer1) and now are trying to use it from a second machine (Computer2). Which means, it could be as simple as accidently hard coding the path to the database and since you are on another computer, that path is incorrect. Make sure you are specifying the correct path...

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Set cn = New ADODB.Connection
cn.Open ("Provider=SQLOLEDB.1;Persist Security Info=False;User ID="";password="";Initial Catalog=;Data Source="")
this is which i gave connection for SQL and VB, it is working in another computer, but the problem is it not opening the particular dataenvironment and that supporting commands from the project. plz help me

i have tried, but the problem is in datareport data source, i have given the data report data source as "dataenvironment 1" in property window, but i can't access this data source from another computer.

If you create a ODBC DSN for your connection on your dev machine, you must create it on the target machine...

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yes i have create the DSN on my target computer also,but again it shows the same error "invalid data source"

Did you test the ODBC DSN? Did you name it correctly? I mean exactly the same name as there may be a space in the name...

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yes i checked, testing also successful, but still it shows same error.

Okay, so you have created the ODBC DSN on the target computer and have tested it and it works... So that means that the required drivers are on the machine for it to work... It is pointed correctly to the datasource...

Okay, beyond saying that you need to create an install package and not just copy over your exe,... I'm out of ideas as it sound like you have done everthing right...

Good Luck

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