hi guys this is probley simple and i have an external board controlling various things on the board is a button which i would like when pressed activates code within a button on my vb form i have tried button1.select but that only well selects the button on my form rather than activate the code

this code is in a timer which scans all 5 pushbuttons on my hardware
[ If ReadDigitalChannel(2) = True Then

End If ]

this is the code that the button on my form runs
[ If table1 = False Then
Button1.Text = "Off"
table1 = True
d1 = TimeOfDay
Me.AxForgeLEDc1.Visible = True
Me.AxForgeLEDc1.LEDstate = 1
stats.Label1.Text = TimeOfDay
stats.Button2.Enabled = True


d2 = TimeOfDay
x = d2 - d1
stats.Label2.Text = x.ToString
stats.Label3.Text = Format(elp, "c")
stats.Button2.Enabled = True
stats.Text = "Stats For Table 1 "

End If ]

i think i have explaned things and added the code correctly

thank you all

You just type the button's event code in Timer_Tick() event.
When u click on button.
Just type

thanx maya had tried that before and it did work ok perhaps i was just trying to keep codeing to a minimum , so will just go with my initial idead and what you say

thanx again for your prompt reply

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