Hiya !! M pretty new to VB.Net and need an expertise guidance in making of my project named Loan Management system...

I got a form named 'emicalculator' and the details are as follows :

TextBox1 named LOAN AMOUNT
TextBox2 named TENURE
TextBox3 named INTEREST RATE

a button named CALCULATE

TextBox4 named YOUR EMI IS
This textbox has to display the result...

M facing problem in emi calculation and very much baffled.. Trying hard since 1 week... Cn u plz provide me a code for d same ??? I got submissions in few days... Pllzzz.... Thanx !! :)

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Start to read where you post,this is the python part of Daniweb.
Post in VB forum.

Trying hard since 1 week... Cn u plz provide me a code for d same ??? I got submissions in few days... Pllzzz.... Thanx !!

And nowone post finsih code,if you dont show some effort yourself.

Hey... first of ol i do promise i'll surely mark the thread as solved, on getting n answer...

M new 2 Vb.net so nid ur help as i want to make use of link label and navigate to another form in Vb.Net...

In detail, when i click on a link label named 'Create New User', i want to be directed to a new form named 'New User'.
Tried many codes but none worked.... Can u plzz provide me 1 for d same ????
Thanxx !!

Hey !! M a beginner in Vb.Net n making a project on Loan Management system...
My database is named 'LMS' and its in MS Access 2007...
My problem is when i enter the account no in my form named 'eduloan' i want all data in table named 'Bank Info' to be compared to "account No" entered, and only d matched row details be filled in the corresponding textboxes of corresponding values....

The columns in d table r in d same order as textboxes in the form... Can u plz help me wid it ?? Rest ol probs wre solved from ur advices and so seeking 2 u 4 dis 1 as well...

Hoping for a soon reply.. Thanx !

Hey !1 M new 2 Vb.Net and making a project on Loan Management system...
I got a form named balancecheck where in i got to enter account number and press button Check Balance... Once i click on d button, i wish The details of related account number get retrieved from related table named 'Bank Info' in database 'LMS', to be displayed in Datagrid view... M trying hard since 2 long days.. can u plzz Help me wid it asap... Plllzzzz.... Thanx !!

Missed mentioning dat database is in MS Access 2007....


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It will be better to visit the concerned site of EMI Calculator and read it thoroughly, it'll certainly give you much help. For your help I am mentioning the url of the site it will certainly help in your efforts http://emicalculators.in/ .

In the future, please check the dates of a thread before replying.

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