I am relatively new to visual basic. I have VB 6 professional complier. I am working to play .wav files in a program. I'm having a problem understanding APIs and functions can you direct me to a beginners tutorial that might help me?

Please find details here , here and here.

Thank you for the help. It is not just playing sound that I need help with, but I also would like to understand the syntax for all subprocdures and functions. They seem so complicated. Is there any tutorial that explains, in detail, how they work? Thanks again for your help.

MSDN library might help you...

Thank you, I have MSDN, however; it seems to me to be a reference resource rather than a help text. I need some real basic knowledge. If just gotten started with VB6 and I have found the procedures and function to be somewhat confusing. I do thank you for your help and in getting back to me.

Start a new project or open an old one. Open the API viewer. Select an api you want to find out about. Switch back to VB. Press F1. On index tab of the MSDN help file, type in the API name. Read all about it...

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