I have this code that searches for a set of numbers in my textfile. When it finds those numbers I want it to print what's on column 5 to 12 in the same line. Is this possible to do? I've been looking for an answer for ages now, and I can't seem to find anything.

The person that can help me with this would certainly make my day a lot brighter.
Thank you in advance!

First of all you should attach the textfile that you try to parse and also the code you have already.
You can't expect anyone here to do a blind guess based on the given information.


I'm guessing the file is a csv (comma delimited file) or some other delimited

1 Read in each line of the file to a string
2 Use split on this string to generate an array of substrings (or columns)
3 Print out the necessary Columns from that array - remember VB array index starts at zero..

Thanks, guys. Highly appreciated.

Glad to be of help, remember to mark the problem as solved...

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