I made a form with only 1 Button. I want that when i click that button, 2 more buttons should be appeared.

Button1 is clicked.
Button2 and Button3 are displayed.

I have named Button1 as Scan.
When i click on Scan, the Button2(Pause) and Button3(Stop) should be displayed. When it is scanning, i have placed the progress bar with the timer. When the progress bar finishes loading, Button2(Pause) and Button3(Stop) should be hidden again.

Main Purpose:
I want that the Pause and the Stop buttons should be hidden when i run the project.
I want to know that how to make hidden buttons and how to make them appear when another button is clicked.

I hope that i am finished with enough details.

for show the button and hide the button you can use button visible proerty true false as you want.

Thank-you very much!!!

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