i wld like to create any app whereby the user is free to press any buttons 1-10 simultaneously and the forms belonging to the respective buttons will be displayed.. eg. when u hit button 1, form 1 will be displayed.. when button 3 is hit, form 3 will display.. however, as my app should allow simultaneous displaying of forms, i cannot use modal forms.. with non-modal forms, too many forms will be displayed and it'll be irritating to look at the computer screen..

** i wld like to allow the user to display many non-modal forms n be able to select among the forms that are displayed, just like many windows can be displayed on the taskbar when i click on many types of icons on the desktop and allows the user to choose the window he wants to do his work..

** is it possible to know which buttons were pressed n allow the respective forms to be displayed in a 2nd form of tabpages? can tabpages be used to display information as if they are windows?

pls let me noe if u've better ideas to display many non-modal forms and in a neat manner instead of displaying so many pop-ups in the screen.. thanks..

many thanks for your answers/suggestions.. =)