I am using w2k, vb6, VBOLock and access 2000. I created a program that at first ran OK in VB and the compiled EXE. Now when I compile and run the EXE, I get a run-time error '53' file not found. I have checked and rechecked the code for accuracy and the code is ok and the file being called is where it is supposed to be. I also ran the EXE in Dependency Walker and discovered that one of the DLLs has a problem. The line from Dependency Walker that indicates a problem is:

Load Library("SXS.dll") returned NULL.error: The specified procedure could not be found(127)

I checked the DLL System32 library and the SXS.Dll is there. However the creation date of the DLL is May 01 2010 Modified May 01 2010. (see attachments)

Can this DLL be the cause of the Run-Time error '53'?
If so can the DLL be replaced by a clean downloaded copy and what is a safe way to accomplish the change?

I included a list of all the DLLs flagged during the Dependency Walker run.

This is my first attempt at trying to resolve this type of problem so I am not sure what information is needed to solve the problem. Hopefully I am on the right track.

The Attachment contains the list of errors flagged by Dependency Walker in the order of occurance.

The properties page and version data of the SXS.dll on my computer.

A copy of the error message.

A copy of the vb6 code referenced in the Run-time error '53'.

If further information is needed please let me know what and how to supply it.

Thank You

George Ingram


There is a reference at IOBIT to the SXS.DLL Fix. However until someone who knows if it will work, I will wait. You can check this at:

It seems that the sxs dll refers to a jpeg file called New Splash, which has been removed some or other time.(Trust me, this happens to ALL of us from time to time). By installing a new copy of the dll, will probably not solve your problem, unless it can be installed WITH the jpeg file. The problem is that we do not know where the "New Splash.jpg" is suppose to go. You will need to see which program was originally related to the sxs.dll, create a folder in that path again and paste any jpeg picture into that file, renaming it to "New Splash".

The description I found was as follows _ "Descriptionsxs.dll is a module belonging to the Windows operating system. It is used to log information associated with Windows manifest files." I further noticed that there is a lot of problems when using this in XP and above. Maybe you would like to start thinking about removing the reference to this file if it is going to cause you problems on newer operating systems. There are many other manifest files out there, maybe look at using one of them?

I hope this shed some light on your question.

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