Respected Sir/Madam,
I am a beginner in vb programming and i want to try out some applications which might make me more confident.So,can
you guide me what type of applications can i try and how to proceed further for implementing the same.Awaiting your response for the same.

Yours Sincerely,

Hi, Harish
I started with a version of VB(Control Creation Edition, I believe this version is downloadable free), and a book from the library. This is all you need to get you going, plus there is plenty of online help.
If you already have these 3 things, could you give us more idea exactly what you need ?

Hi Harish,

I assume you have the software for VB development.

I would suggest you to try and "Play" with the common buttons and fields like Push Button, Text Field, Combo Box, Text List.... and see what can you do with them.

try to get some info about the way to reach all those components method from the MSDN site of Microsoft and later on you'll see that you can do a lot with this nice software.

Good Luck ,


ei, im also a beginner in programming....all you have to do is to try to browse or play first or i men to study first vb environment so that you'll know where to you it...and try to search the net a free tutorial in vb......have a nice day!

I go to pscode 2 it is probbaly the best site to learn, i think the best thing u should look off is key loggers (i dont mean to say to use them just look off of them) they have mostly everything to learn off of server/client saving data and all kinds of things, and you can check out mirage source (orpg develpoment source code) it is located at

And to any1 that remembers me hey im back, im not doing php no more cuz i suck at it mabey after vb is finished ill go back to php well cya guys