Am new to this forum and vb.net so any help would be gratefully received, and sorry in advance for the possible dumb questions!

I have a simple function in page1.aspx, where ( for example ) the vb.net code behind has the following ...

Private Function CalculateMarkup(ByVal d As Double) As Double
        CalculateMarkup = d * 25.50
    End Function

... how can I use this same function in page2.aspx, page3.aspx, etc.

Have previously done this in classic asp by including an asp page ( <!--#include file="Common.asp"--> ) is there a vb.net equivalent?

Any help / guidance would be appreciated


This question should have been posted in the ASP.NET forum.

But to answer your question.
Add a module to your project by right-clicking your project and select Add->Module.
Put your function in there and make it Public instead of Private.
Voila! Now you can use your code from everywhere.