hi guys,

I bought my hp pavilion.. less than a year ago and now some registries got corrupted pop-ups & saying need to restart PC... When i turn on my computer at start-up it just freezes and it takes at least 10 min to get back on it..!!

I have ,
Vista Ultimate,
2 gb RAM,
Call of duty 4,
NFS Carbon,
Halo {new one}
Visual Studio.
Adobe Photoshop.
Autocad {Very needed}
Norton Internet Security.

Thanks. :)

With freezing issues, I would do the following:

Boot into Safe mode (keep hitting the f8 key during the boot).

In Safe mode, run MSCONFIG. Select Diagnostic startup. And let the unit reboot.

This little app shuts off all the auto-run 'stuff' and lets the pc boot pretty clean.

If the machine boots and is stable, then 1st download MALWARE BYTES, a free malware scanner, install it, update it, let it run a full scan, and clean up any little nasties it finds.

Reboot. Run MSCONFIG again. Now check Selective startup and check Load system services. And hit ok to reboot. This loads all the services (look at the services tab). If the machine boots and is stable, then keep going.

Boot up, run MSCONFIG and check LOAD STARTUP ITEMS. This now will load all the items in the Startup tab. Reboot and see if its stable.

If the machine still has the freezing errors, then boot into safe mode again if needed, run MSCONFIG, and diable the the startup items. Then look in the startup tab. This is the itemized list of startup items. Check the first one, and reboot. If you're stable, run MSCONFIG, check the next one and reboot. Again, if you're stable, run MSCONFIG, and check the next one... and so on and so one. Eventually, you'll come to the task that causes the issues.

I think u got a lot of garbage..just optimize ur PC fully.. try this application named Advanced System Optimizer..just install it & let it tuneup ur system it got some usefull cleaners & optimizers that can surely help u in sloving ur problem ..!!thsi is the best optimizer i use so far..!!

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I bought a Dell XPS a monnth back..n now its hanging all of a sudden..i scanned my laptop with the maximum updated antivirus..i checked for malwares..i dont know why all of a sudden it hangs..it sometime hangs when i play games..it hangs when i sometime run explorer..its hanging all of a sudden..i dont understand..
Please help!

I would use the optimizer like someone suggested as well as a program that will check and clean your registry. Defragging your registry may help a little as well. Problem is could be alot of things. It could even be your antivirus that is slowing things down. What type of antivirus are you using?
I Clean my registrys weekly and defrag them just as often