i am going to build a offline player like that of microsoft e learning offline player using .net platform for my final project.how can i build it ????? please ,your suggestions are required

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This request is very vague in nature and so, to be honest, I'm not sure what to suggest.

What I might recommend is first to start off with a planning stage... Utilize pseudocode to plan out the workings of the application and pre-plan your way around any bugs/issues you can see coming up.

Once you've at least got the pseudocode planning stage done then you can at least tackle any issues you may have with "how do I program this portion" with some research (http://www.google.com, http://msdn.microsoft.com, etc).

At that point, once you've started coding your actual application, if you run into any snags that you can't figure out with a little bit of research, you can always ask here for advice (providing samples of your code in the area(s) you're stuck in) and maybe we'll be able to better assist you at that stage.

Hope this helps get you started :)

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