Help please
I think there is function but i cant find it :(
I'm using VS2008

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Sub Main()
		Dim aByte() As Byte = Text.Encoding.Default.GetBytes("FirstString")
		Dim bByte() As Byte = Text.Encoding.Default.GetBytes("SecondString")
		Dim mergedByte(aByte.Length + bByte.Length) As Byte
		aByte.CopyTo(mergedByte, 0)
		bByte.CopyTo(mergedByte, aByte.Length)
    End Sub

this can be done through Array List Objects. see here

byte[] byteArray1 = new byte[5];
byte[] byteArray2 = new byte[11];
byte[] combined = new byte[byteArray1.Length + byteArray2.Length];
byteArray1.CopyTo(combined, 0);
Array.Copy(byteArray2, 0, combined, byteArray1.Length,
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