I wonder if I am missing something?

Everytime I dotfuscate a project its just exactly the same as the origional.

I use visual studio 2010, but dotfuscate seems to have some options unavailable.

I've read some tuts, "Point the program at the executable" etc...

What could I be doing wrong?

Dotfuscate puts the converted program in a different folder.
Are you sure you are looking at the obfuscated executable?

Yes, sorr I never explained very well.

The folder bin\debug\dosfuscated, and nothing seems to have changed at all.

I'd even appreciate any alternatives that work a little better.

How are you making the comparison to asses that the output is not changed from the source executable?
What version of VS are you using?
What version of Dotfuscate are you using?

Using Reflecter
vs 2010
Dotfucscator 5.0.2300.0