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A good Project for the mid-way between beginner and intermediate is blackjack. It will get you used to most functions, list, objects, and depending on how serious you want it to be, GUI.

Assume you have filed all your code snippets into one directory. Write a Python program that searches this directory for keywords and brings up the names of the files that contain these keywords.

Assume you have a list of unique integers, write a program that will show the closest pair or pairs.

Create a function that shifts elements of a list in circular order.
For instance [1,2,3,4,5] --> [5,1,2,3,4] etc.

Using a Python GUI tookit like Tkinter write a numeric seven segment LED display like the ones on your alarm clock.

Write a Python program that finds the smallest number that can be divided by each of the numbers from 1 to 10 without leaving a remainder.

Compare texts and see which ones are a close match.
Work out a degree/percentage of match.

How about you try to make a calculator to find the chances of landing somewhere on monopoly from you location. What are the chances of getting from Mayfair to Liverpool Street Station in one turn?

You have two strings that look much alike:

Write Python program that will highlight the differences by capitalizing the characters that don't match:

Generate 2 lists with 25 random numbers, where each list’s numbers are not within 20 digits of each other or others list. Numbers for list X must be less than 1024 and numbers in list Y must be less than 768. For example:

ListX = [80, 140, 1, 1014, etc…
ListY = [ 56, 25, 110, 612, etc…

Make a password generator where the user can enter how many characters they won't it to be and if the want symbols or not. Then it will generate passwords with Caps, Lowercase and numbers 0-9.

Hint- Use random number generator in python.

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