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I love my T720i, but I want to change my Banner. T-Mobile does not have the option to do this. I have a friend that has Verizon and her phone has the option. How do I work around T-Mobile's programming and change my Banner? My phone is like my Trademark, and I would like to be able to put my nickname. Thanks for any help you can provide. If need be, please reply to, make sure in the subject line you refer to this forum, or I will not open it.

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My suggestion would to stop using t-mobile.

Their service is horrific. I couldn't get a signal in my own house....if they're a b!tch about disconnection fees or whatever, just complain to the FCC like I did, and it'll all go over fine.


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I really like T-Mobile, but then again it could be because I have not had to pay a bill in a long time, due to their mistakes. My service is good, and I like the phone. Verizon doesnt offer as much as T-Moblie does.

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