I love my T720i, but I want to change my Banner. T-Mobile does not have the option to do this. I have a friend that has Verizon and her phone has the option. How do I work around T-Mobile's programming and change my Banner? My phone is like my Trademark, and I would like to be able to put my nickname. Thanks for any help you can provide. If need be, please reply to lilreditalian@yahoo.com, make sure in the subject line you refer to this forum, or I will not open it.

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My suggestion would to stop using t-mobile.

Their service is horrific. I couldn't get a signal in my own house....if they're a b!tch about disconnection fees or whatever, just complain to the FCC like I did, and it'll all go over fine.



I really like T-Mobile, but then again it could be because I have not had to pay a bill in a long time, due to their mistakes. My service is good, and I like the phone. Verizon doesnt offer as much as T-Moblie does.

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