hi to everyone. I am new in this kind of programs. so pls help me. i want a code that i can put into one of the column in datagridview.

the scenario...

if the message is active in the column of datagridview it says active. if the message is deleted, it says in column that the message is deleted. well i have two columns. one for the message which is i have done already. the only problem is the status of the message. weather the message is still active or deleted.

thank you in advance guys.
your help will highly appreciated.

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Manhid, you are a new member, so we will oversee your blunder in breaking the posting rules.:) Please read our posting rules HERE.

We do not easily answer questions starting with "Help/Please Help/Urgent/Need Help Now" etc.

It is also very difficult for us to try and establish exactly what your problem is if we do not have enough information.:)

Give us more by telling us the following -

What database are you using, MS Access, Sql, MySql?
What code do you have thus far?
Where in your code does the error occur?
What SELECT Statement are you using?
What connection type are you using on your database?
Is the grid's datasource set to your recordset?

By answering the above I'm sure we can find a solution for you.:)


you must have a column for your status message .. then at the button of submitting a message add there the code of that will say on the status that it is Active .. and on the delete button put the code for its status message that will say it is deleted.

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