Hi everyone,
First of all ,this is my first new threads and grant to someone who opened my threads to ingnore my horrible mistakes.

I am the student of learning Java Program and i would like to know whether a virus can be produced with Java and if so , i'd like to see a program as a sample.

Thank you to see my thread and i hope that you'll answer to me.


Of course it's possible, although a virus in java won't be as destructive or easy to create as in most languages.

Considering that producing a virus could potentially be a criminal activity, I don't think you can reasonably expect anyone to post virus code. Why are you interested in code for a virus in Java?

A virus is a self-replicating program that replicates without permission from the system it is infecting.
In Java this is rather hard to do because of the security restrictions Java operates under.

And indeed creating a virus is illegal and goes against anything a professional considers social behaviour. We're not here to help criminals.

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