I want to open a program and press the START button in that program
and it has to run on a server so have to use remote desktop
any ideas on how i could approach this?

Thanks, Phi7iP

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There is no way we can help you with the information given. It's almost as saying "I want to speek german, how do I do it?":)

What program do you want to start?
What code language - vb6 etc?
what database - access, sql, mysql?
What will run on the server?
what server - local area network, online?
Use remote desktop for what?

they are basically server files for a vertain game
language vb6
dont really see what conection the db has but yes SQL
the serverfiles will run on the server
a dedicatedd server that i am renting so yes online
and i use remote desktop to connect to it

Here is a copy of the server files http://trilogynetwork.net/TRC.rar basically it needs to execute the program then automatically start without pressing the start button


I cant seem to find the edit post button so sorry for posting 3 times

anyway Nevermind the link i gave at the post before this use this one
http://trilogynetwork.net/agent.rar so what needs to happen is when agentserver1.exe is started is automatically starts without pressing the start button
any ideas on how to do that?
i dont want you to make the whole thing just give me ideas on what to use or how to do it so i can try them

Thanks Phi7iP

So, basically, you want to click on a command button which will then load the game application which resides ONLINE and start the game automatically?

i have to run this on a remote online server so mouse and keyboard inputs are basically disabled

ok let me explain this properly someone keep sending "fake" packets to my server which crashes that agentserver1.exe and i have a script in AUTOIT to monitor if it crashes and it can execute a application so i let it execute the agentserver1.exe again but the prob is you have to still click on the start button for it to actually start ... my request is is there a way to modify the agentserver1.exe in a way that when you open it it automatically activates the start button?

It all makes sense now.:)

I am going to ask the moderators to move this to web development. You have to manage the server with an application to see either if "fake" packets is send to your agentserver or to manipulate the start button click event.

It will be quite tuff to try and manipulate what is going on on the server side without keyboard or mouse events/interaction. It can be done by making use of command prompt and scripts, but I think it will be better if the server is manipulated directly????

i have gave on on the "fake packets" approach since this is only a temporary fix
i thought it was going to be simple :) ok nvm thanks for taking your time

It's a pleasure

Can you use vb6 on your side? There might be another solution...

yes i have full control of the server

In vb6, add a webbrowser to your form. Project/references/MS Internet Library.
Under components, Internet controls.

The following code -

'Form Load event
wbBrowser.Navigate2 "http://www.YourSite.com/"


'You can also manipulate text boxes etc as aboev
wbBrowser.Document.All("YourTextboxName").Value = YourStringValueHere

With the above code there is no interaction required from the keyboard or mouse.

its not a website its a application that runs on the server i posted the a couple of posts back to it agentserver1.exe is the program name

Have a look at THIS link, opening an exe on a server.

Another route might be to use a winsock control to connect to the site using the ip address and then open the exe using shell commands.

I already have a script to open the exe my only problem is how to activate the start button

Thats a bit more involved, using API's to get the handle of the application and the form and the "start" command button. Luckily, this was asked a few weeks back and we have managed to solve the problem. Have a look at it HERE.

Go through the code and test, let me know if it solved your problem.:)

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