Well the following code I used to run graphics.h functions in windows xp
int driver,mode;

Without this code functions of graphics.h (circle, line, arc etc.) did not run
But in windows 7 this code is not working c++ is showing errors ….Well I am using the same version of turbo c++ I used in windows xp

Now, is there any new version of c++ for windows 7 who will run the code
OR is there any alternative code which will run the functions of graphics.h
I just want my compiler not to show errors when I use any functions of graphics.h and compile them successfully …


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Download DOSBox and try running it under that. Otherwise, use it under XP. You're trying to push a plow with a high speed train.

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Since the Borland <graphics.h> library is pretty much obsolete you might want to consider using Microsoft Visual C++ Express of Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 with DirectX libraries.

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