I am writing a program to store data and want to make the main page uneditable
I have an edit button that will allow editing from another form but I don't want to change stuff by accident. I have disabeled all of the boxes but don't like the way it grays out. Is there some transparent control that I can place over the top or some other way to accomplish this?

Thank you

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If you're just dealing with textboxes, you can set the readonly property to true.

When doing that you must change the backcolor manually. If you drag a textbox to the form and then set it to read only the back color will get grayed out. Set the back color manually and it won't gray out anymore.


Ahh, great idea! I am actually useing masked text and combo boxes as well. However I just realized that I don't need them on this form since it only displays the data and the editing is done from another form.

Great Simple fix...
Thanks alot Unhnd_Exception

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