I have form name FRMABC with msflexgrid

Msflexgrid get populatd by data from table msaccess database on form load event of FRMABC
There is one command button on FRMABC which opens another form say FRMPOR where new data is added on to database table

There is subprocedure (Public) SubRefresh on FRMABC for refreshing the msflexgrid by deleting old data on flexgrid and populate new data after addition of new record in table

But msflexgrid dosen get refresh when i call it from FRMPOQ

‘Code on FRMPQR on SAVE command button
TBLTITLERs.Fields(0) = Text1.Text
TBLTITLERs.Fields(1) = Text3.Text
TBLTITLERs.Fields(2) = Text4.Text
TBLTITLERs.Fields(3) = Text2.Text
TBLTITLERs.Fields(4) = Text5.Text
Call FRMABC.SubRefresh
Unload Me

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Try -


not working

i tride unloading and reloading form but still grid data dosen change.

That might be because the datagrid is on form FRMABC

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