My code has all of a sudden gone strange.

Example 1:
When I click my save button nothing happens, when I double click the button in the designer, it creates a new sub called "save_click_1"

Example 2:
My linklabel is no longer working. Double-clicking it in the designer ccreates a new sub linklbl_ctf_1"

When I fixed this it turns out all objects in my form have dont the same thing.

Please can someone help me fix this problem and save me hours renaming everything!

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Is the code for the Save_Click still there.

It sounds like the handles clause was removed from the Save Button.

Maybe you deleted it and added it back and named it again to Save. That would remove the handles clause and cause the designer to rename the Save_Click to Save_Click_1

If the code is still there then add Handles Save.click to the original sub.

Private Sub save_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs)

Thats whats there at the moment

Yep every single "Handles" has gone of every sub but 3.

Why the hell has it dont that :@

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