hello everyone, :)

I am new here, and first of all, I let you know that I was just read the rules of this forum and I agree with all of them... so, my question is about a homework, but I am determinate to do a good job and put all of my effort in this my last big homework in order to finish my CS's studies :)

The topic of my homework is "Multimedia in Java" and I was get a lot of information about how java work with multimedia APIs but I don't know how to start

What do you recommend me to begin?

I think that build a game in java maybe is a good deal, don't you?

Finally, my apologies for any mistakes in my presentation... I am not an english speaker (I'm from Paraguay) and I am really gratefully to whom spend time to help me (about programming and about my english) :o

Thanks ;)

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Hi There

Sounds like you are looking for ideas.

Keep it simple perhaps with a selection of pictures and sound effects which display or play when you click on an icon for each one. If you get on well you can then have lists of them and perhaps use the program in a real situation like for a drama.

Anyway just an idea.


Game programming is a very specialised field that takes years of study to get right. Many many young people think it's a glamorous field to start out in and get burned out quickly (if they're lucky, some turn up dead and that's no exaggeration).
It's a highly complex, extremely high stress, environment I'd not recommend to anyone who doesn't have years of experience and knows the industry.

Start by creating a REALISTIC project idea using the knowledge you have already about what APIs are available and what they can offer you.
Work that out into a design document detailing what the application should be able to do (workflow, etc.), maybe including some rough user interface drawings.
Flesh that out into a technical design before you start coding.
At any stage if something looks to be over your head, reconsider (but first try to figure out how to do it anyway of course) your ideas.

I'd personally make something educational. Most everyone does games as their final, if not a chat application. The only problem with games, are the ones that can be done with a 1 person team usually aren't that great. The really nice games take math and logic not many people have.


You can probably have a look at the JMF API, I believe the JMF api is split in to three sections :
1. Audio Video Play back,
2. Audio video Recording
3. Chatting with Audio and Video.
You can probably give it a try


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