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My company uses control numbers to keep track of all of our inventory for every product that is entered into our warehouse. (ex. G123456789, T987654321) 1st Alphabet followed by 9 digits of numbers.
Most of the time, these control numbers are scanned into the system by using a barcode scanner but some times these control number are entered into the system manually by hand.
People make mistakes and sometimes enter in different control number.

i want to be able to code my vb so that when the control number does not meet the critarion then program displays an error message.
So i want to check for the first character which needs to be an alphabet and characters 2-10 to be a number.

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Dim ControlNumber As String = "G123456789"

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Dim mStyle As MsgBoxStyle = MsgBoxStyle.OkOnly Or MsgBoxStyle.Critical

If String.IsNullOrEmpty(ControlNumber) Then
   MsgBox("Please enter a Control Number.", mStyle, "No Input Violation")
   Exit Sub
End If

If ControlNumber.Length <> 10 Then
   MsgBox("Control Number should be a length of ten.", mStyle, "Invalid Length Violation")
   Exit Sub
End If

If Not Char.IsLetter(ControlNumber(0)) Then
   MsgBox("First Letter Needs to be a Letter.",mStyle, "Invalid Input Violation")
   Exit Sub
End If

For i = 1 To ControlNumber.ToCharArray.Count - 1
   If Not Char.IsNumber(ControlNumber(i)) Then
       MsgBox("Expected Number at postion " & i + 1, mStyle, "Invalid Input Violation")
       Exit Sub
   End If

'Control Number is in the correct format.
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I'm sorry, I'm new to DaniWeb and having hard time finding my own threads.
I'm writing this application in VBA (MS Access 2007) so some of the language is little different. Now I have to figure out a way to convert this to VBA language.
Thanks for your help.

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