I cannot get the my application (AA_Coins.exe) to run on a different PC.

I have 2 pc's are using Visual Studio 2010 and Net Framework 4 Client Profile.

My .exe works fine on both as expected.

I put it on a 3rd PC that does not have VisualStudio with Net Framework 4 Client Profile
and it works.

I then downloaded the .exe and associated mdb's to my helper's pc.
The mdb's are in C:\Program Files\AA_PricesGetCoins

THen changed the permissions on the folder so the user has full control

When I execute the pgm I see in Task Manager that it starts , there is no output display (I'm expected a MDI screen) and then the pgm stop executing after approximately 2 seconds. It is then clear from the processes list in Task Manager.

any thoughts?

thank you

The 3rd pc has been installed with the frame work?

I found the answer this morning. the adodb reference was not being picked up.

I had to set Copy Local = true and Embedded Type = False.

Also had to download the adodb to the user with the .exe application


sometimes we miss copylocal=true for some dlls :)