Hi there! And Thanks for your help.-
I've installed VB 5 Enterprise edition, and amn trying to begin self-guided studies of this language. When trying to use "Microsoft Common Dialog Control 5.0", as told in a book, cannot find it -> CTRL + T and Componets. Instead, have a "Microsoft Commond Dialog Control 6.0 (SP6)". I can add it to the tool box, but when using it in a form, I recieve this error messaje, saying I don't have the appropiate license to use it in programming enviroment.
Can anyone help me? By the way, the book I have explains VB 5 ussage.-

Thankful I am!

I am not very sure what is the cause of the error.

That version of VB is gone from my system long long back

Hey! Thanks for your help!
I came across a solution, an exe fix, which I found on Microsoft. Now the control works!
I would, but the book teaches how to use VB 5, a friend of mine is the version that uses, and realy am no that skillful to look forward to a later version. Might I learn a bit more, and change it.-

Oh, the page is
It´s in spanish for whom it may concern. Hope it´s useful as it was for me, and can help this comunity.-

Thanks again!