hi guys... can you help me on my little program..
i still cant think a way to get my database from the datagrid in form2 and display it on form3..

my little program is like a schedule that you'll edit your students class hour,subject and teacher.. then after that when you view your schedule.. you'll see only what subject you'll be at in that student data schedule...

i've tried dbgrid.columns(n).text = label1.caption
but i found out that it'll copy the data but only those on the 1st row >.<

ill upload my program here for you guys to have a hint what program exactly im making on.

here's the link :

I'm not going to click the link.

However, assuming you are using a dataset or datatable to populate a datagrid. Any reason you just don't pass that to form3 and use it there?

If you need a copy, try this:
for a datatable or dataset named dtData


it returns a datatable to use elsewhere.

To get a subset, you could use the "Select" method of the datatable.

You could also use DataViews and set the filter string to show only specific data.

Without more details, it will be difficult to give you a better answer.