I am very new to Java and I'm trying to write a Java program to read a ASCII text file, modify a field and save it. I'm not sure how to create the file definition so I can break out the individual fields. The records and fields are all fixed length.

If anyone can assist, it would be greatly appreciated.




yeah java IO is not exactly the easiest thing to learn, but you do need to know a few of the basic classes to use. The easiest way to read in an ASCII text file is to use this:

ps: make sure you catch the exceptions or else your days will be numbered believe me :)

InputStream ist = new FileInputStream(textfile);
BufferedReader istream = new BufferedReader(new InputStreamReader(ist));
String text = istream.readLine(); //just read the first line in the text file

and to break the records well i guess you have to use the StringTokenizer class,
i assume you know what that is if you don't i suggest you pay a little vivist to Java's API web page.
here's a quick look at what it would look like form here on:
StringTokenizer st;
while ( text != null )// while more line in text
st = new StringTokenizer(text) // break each words or whatever in to single //tokens
while ( st.hasMoreToken() ) // not sure about the spelling here
process each token here

read the next line
} // end of while ( text != null )

hope that help you get started.
take care,