Hello guys, Please i have a problem and i need help.Please
I have two table called

1.Register product table
2.Sell product table

Register product table consist of (Product Id (txtProdId.text) and
Product Name(txtProdName.text)) NB. All are textboxes

Sell product table consist of (Product Name(cboProdName.text) and ProdPrice
(txtProdCost.text)). NB. ProductName over here is a combobox.

When someone saves record in the Register product table, items should be
added into the combobox into Sell product table. Please how will I go about

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Is Product Id is primary key? if yes then have that key as forein key in
Sell product table. When item is added to Register product table add the product key
and other valu in Sell product table. join the two atbles and get the records and load to ur combobox.


Yes product id is a primary key but what codes will I use so that
items will be added and load into the combobox.

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