Hello to all, I got problem in my vb.net program in publishing it.

I am using Microsoft Visual Studio 2008, when I publish my program and I got the setup file and when i tried to run into another computer I got some error saying that it cant connect into the database.

Actually I used msSQL 2005 server in my VS 2008.

I will appreciate for any help. thanks

Sorry for my bad english.

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You need to install the appropriate version of .net framework and MS-SQL server on target machine before deploying your application. However you can embed MS-SQL express into your custom applications.

Its mean that if I will export the database in new MS-SQL server I need also to edit the connection string of the application.


can I ask one more? How can I export my MS-SQL database using SQL sever management studio express?

Right click on database name and select Generate Script.

ok i got it thank you for the help. by the way do you have any tutorial for vb.net or c# for the beginners in pdf format. thank you in advance.

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