Hi Guys,
I am currently working on a vb project. What I am trying to do is reading a XML file and saving all the data in to the Access DB. Once this is done, I read the data from the access Db and display it in the required fields in VB form.

Issue is, when i store the value in the access, a weird character is assigned before and after the data. The character is a square box with question mark in it. Also the same character displays on the VB form as well

Please help me how can I remove these characters in VB.
I am using XML reader to read xml file and using VB 2008 version.

Thank you so much


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thank you so much Debasisdas
Could you please tell me the syntax to ignore the space while reading the xml...
EX : <name> abc xyz </name>

I just want to remove the space before abc and after xyz.. But i need to preserve the space between abc and xyz

Thank you


If the above code from codeorder doesn't work you could use:

'given that xmlString is the variable holding 
'the string read from <name> abc xyz </name>

Dim newString as string = xmlString.Substring(1,xmlString.Length-2)

'store newString in DB
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