hi guys ,

help me in this i have made a report in crystal reports 10 in that i want the field only displays data without the special characters like its showing 11-00-3200-002-37 but i want it would show the field like this 1100320000237 without (-). so does any one help me to do this in crystal reports 10 not in application or software code.

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you will have to make a formula field for it..

create a formula field in you crystal report..

lets say the column in which you want to perform the operation is in Table named Column2.


Replace( Replace(  Replace ({Table.Column2}, "-", "") , "*","") , "^","")

This will remove -,*,^ from it


thanks sandeep it works fine but still a little problem after that formula (-) sign is removed but data is showing in this format 11 00 3200 002 37 what i want is this 1100320000237 no space between them any idea about that dear ?

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