We are going to make a system for computer using visual basic where the server pc can able to schedule what application you may want to run at a certain time, like photoshop, microsoft office, paint, autocadd, etc.. Then when the time is up, the client pc will automatically shutdown and the apllication running will automatically save its work.

The question is, is it possible to make a function that will automatically save your work in any application using vb code? Can somebody please give me advice on how to construct it. Thanks!

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I think it has something to do with Timer.

Set its interval and when it reaches the limit,

like in every 3 minutes, it will do the saving function.

I don't know code for that though, you can just google codes for the Timer.

I am noob in networking ^_^


Have a look at THIS post with a very similar question. The solution is contained within.

First go through that, see if it works for you and then we can move on the next, shut down server...:)


thanks for the comments .. this will help .. hmmm .. can you give me some advice for the code of automatic shutdown within the set time??please ,, thanks


Have a look at THIS previous post from me. It contains all the code needed. You will have to modify it a bit to shut down the server and not your pc you're working on...


wow .. that really helps !! thank you very much .. i will try these codes if i have time .. right now i'm working with another school project so i can't start with this .. but thank you very much for the replies ..


It's a pleasure. Please mark this as solved. If you have any other questions, please open a new thread and we will help where we can, thanks.:)

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