Hi plz help me with a code that can detect when a pin number is entered in reverse. and alerts the user that he has entered pin number in reverse ..thanx

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Dim pinnum As String = "1234"
        Dim pinentered As String = TextBox1.Text
        If pinentered = StrReverse(pinnum) Then
            MessageBox.Show("Please eneter the pin properly")
        ElseIf pinentered = pinnum Then
            MessageBox.Show("Correct pin")
        End If

You need to get the pin u want to compare with into varioable pinnum here i took for example.

See if this helps.

Dim x As String = "some message"
        MsgBox(x) '// original String.
        x = StrReverse(x)
        MsgBox(x) '// reversed String.

Thanx the thread was helpful

IF it has solved your problem then plz mark the thread as solved.

I can't c wea am supposed to mark this thread as solved from ..pliz assist

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