My wife and i own a contemporary pottery studio that offers what we call pottery perks program. Where in we offer a 20 gift certificate for every six times a person reaches a $20.00 limit. Having a lot of customers and keeping our little pottery perks information cards are starting to pile up my counter space here. I have started a layout for putting such information we acquire, per person, in the fields of: Name, Email address and Birth date. with each entry int this program / data base I could add a new contacts info or update one. The $20.00 dollar level per six times I understand is a simple equation like something maybe excel would use. If I could get some pointers this would help me out tremendously.
I have included a screen capture of what I have so far.

thanks, Jay

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So what do you need? What do you want it to do that it doesn't?

in the name box: To add a name, or to pull up a name already stored.
in the email box: again, to add a new address, and to pull up one already stored.
date of birth: just to remind us that we need to send them an email coupon.

The function is this: Suzie Jones comes in and spends $33.25 in sales, now I would have to pull her card, look at her last balance of $4.50, add both totals, subtract $20.00 for the 1st punch and carry, or write down that she has $17.75 towards her next $20.00 limit. After 6 punches we issue a $20.00 gift certificate.

the program now just looks good, the buttons, etc are just there, no code drive them. I do know that this database, for lack of better words, can be kept in a text file, like normal address book .csv files. I feel this can be done with a calender program like outlook or evolution or something, but I just figured I would make it "pretty" for my wife.

Let me know if
I can give more detail as to it's function.

and thanks in advanced for all your help.

I'd try this tutorial first and then use access to hold my data.
In fact other than learning VB I see little reasons as to not create everything in Access.

PS: The way your form is designed you'll still need to do the math on your own. Put a new purchase text box and type in the ammount of the new purchase. Also would be nice to have a total. Dividing the total by 20 and rounding that down (it's important to round down) you'll get the number of punches the customer got.
Divide that by 6 and round down and compare this number to the number of gift certificates issued for this customer and you'll be able to handle all possible scenarios (ie 1 gift certificate + 1 punch in 1 transaction).

Your question is quite general, so maybe it's a starter with VBA in Excel you need. I've just finished a huge tutorial on Excel VBA - let me know if you find it useful.

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