Is there an element of the treeview object that will hold the original path & can be recalled later without it being shown in the tree.

If I only had one treeview I would not have a problem, I have several on the form & all use common sub/functions in a module to execute the tree population etc, so I need to know the original path which populated the tree so I can amend it to include the sub folder selected

eg: original path which I dont/can't store in a public variable "C:\users\myname\My Documents\Pictures"

Treeview only shows


\ abc

\ def

\ ghi

User selects Pictures\abc

I can then build C:\users\myname\My Documents\Pictures\abc

No. There's not such thing. But you can use Node's Tag property to store extra information

Dim thisRoot As New TreeNode
thisRoot.Tag = "C:\users\myname\My Documents\"
Dim rootPath As String
rootPath = thisRoot.Tag.ToString()