Hello to all, I am currently working on several project assingments and at the moment I don't think I will be able to complete this one. I have completed the class, initial class diagrams for this project but I need help from someone to complete the coding/design of the application and it's documentaion. If someone is intrested in helping me out I will pay this person for his/her efforts. I really don't mind if the application does not work 100% correctly. Below is a link to the documentaion (my scanner does not support OCR correctly so I had to scan the pages as images and then placed it in a doc file).

Documentaion Link


Its not really kosher posting this type of request here. There are other sites out there were java programmers will bid on this type of work. It would best if your posted your request on one of those sites.

(And I can't remember any of those sites names off of the top of my head. sorry.)