I am a student.For the project we have to store first 20 search engine results (URLS and id) in the Mysql database.We referred to the google search API ,it says we will get results in JSOn/ATOM format.But we are not getting exactly how to store those results in JSON format (httptitle,snippet etc attributes) into the database.Are we need to do parsing ? Actually its module of the project so can we do it without any parsing?As in how to pass parameters on JSOn into the table in the database.

Thank you.

If you want to pass information from within the JSON object, you need to parse it out. A quick Google search returned two, but I've never used them and give no warranty that they're correct. They're here and here. You might be able to store the whole object in the database, but I cannot think of any situation where that would be preferable.

If this is for a school project I would recommend asking your professor for clarification.