I have an c# application works with oracle database communicates through java web service.

In windows XP it works fine with calendar, but with Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1 it does not work instead it shows some error(the same application is used in both the environment).

I found that environment might be the issue for the information with calander.
If so, is there any code changes to be made in .NET?

Need some idea.

What the error message? They generally point you in the right direction.

Actually when the click event occurs in calendar it will check for the shipping available at the selected date. If not the error occurs "no shipment available for the selected date".
So, we performed a check in backend whether the shipment date is available for that particular product, its available but the same error message occurred for every event in calendar for all the products.

So tried working that application in windows XP Machine we dint get any error with that calendar it enables us to proceed further, but while attempting to run the same application in Windows Server 2008 R2 Service Pack 1, the error continues. I concluded that environment is the problem for the error occurred.

Any help will be thanked. :-)

More info is needed I think.

Be careful with the DateTime format of the queries that you use. If the Regional settings in those servers is different to the one from your Windows XP machine, your queries will most likely use a wrong date/time and fail.

I hope this helps.

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