Can I create 2 users and they have different function??
Database base using is MS Access.
For example I have "staff" and "admin".
Staff can insert,edit and delete data only.
Admin can check the total sales of the day.
Can I do that in VB.Net and can somebody give me some idea or example??

yes you can do this , make a user module and when a user login in prog , he have to login with his id , then you can check which functions he can perform .


Rather than bothering with a log in screen you may like to authenticate off the windows login

Function getUserName()
Dim wshNet as object
Dim sUser as string

set wshNet = CreateObject("WScript.Network")
sUser = wshNet.UserName
set wshNet = nothing
getUserName = sUser
End Function

you can then query a database table of usernames and privileges to determine if this user has admin rights.