I have several things I need help in it

1- how I can put picture in tool strip and put it convert to split button without the picture go invisible when i click on it

2- how can I make tabs in the forms

3- I want to put pictures in the form in the same place For Example when the user check the radio button or when the user choose the name in the combo box a specific picture should be display

can I put picture in my data base


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well answer of your first question is , you just add a button in toolstrip and set the background image or image property and select the image .it will set the image to the backgroud of your button
2-answer of your second question is use tabcontrols , select it from the tool box and add it to your form ,.
3-yes it is possible but you have to use the databse in order to perform this task with radio button and combobox , but there is an other method to perform this is to use conditional statement and predefine path of your pictures to your picture box.

Hope this will helps you

could you explain more on your 3 Answer

For question number 3, you can place picture boxes with the pictures in them.

Hide all of the picture boxes and when the user checks a certain checkbox, change the picturebox to be shown.

i put the background image like this

but when i click on it gone

what can i do about that

Does it do it in only in the environment, or on runtime also?

yes it dose in run time

Have you checked to make sure you aren't overwritting the picture when the On Click event is fired for the tool strip button?

If there is an On Click event, please post the code so that I can review it.

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